Barn Diva: Restaurant Review

BarnDiva1 by Meghan Oona Clifford Recipes for Compassion

Barn Diva, up in Healdsburg, is the quintessential high end, localvore restaurant in Wine Country. The problem is — the menu is very meat-centric. However, they have an amazing chef who will cater to vegans on request. And they do it right!

Again, I really think such restaurants should have an *asterisk on their menu that reads something like… *Ask about our Vegan options, we’re happy to oblige! Or the like. This gives the restaurant and chef cred for being versatile and innovative, but also compassionate. Vegan’s the future, so be part of the forefront, restauranteers!

We had our rehearsal dinner here and the atmosphere out on the back patio was the equivalent of an enchanted fairy garden — sparkly lights, a waterfall sculpture, and trees as our shelter. It was intimate and lovely.

At the end of our meal it started to rain (unheard of in September!) so the staff made room for us in the front bar. We got the best of both worlds because Barn Diva also features incredible art alongside their modern/rustic decor.

BarnDiva2 by Meghan Oona Clifford Recipes for Compassion

The vegans got to enjoy the platter of delicately roasted vegetables like fennel bulb, (above,) and this tomato soup with cripsy chips and avocado.

Us at Barn Diva Recipes for Compassion by Meghan Oona Clifford
Here’s a glimpse of my man and I at our rehearsal dinner. Thanks Barn Diva, for accommodating all of us so well!

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