Blackberry Chocolate Smoothie

Blackberry Chocolate Smoothie
I’m sipping on this right now and it’s so scrumpcious I thought I’d share the recipe with y’all. This is one version of my Chocolate Smoothie recipe found in the cookbook, below. Enjoy!

Blackberry Chocolate Smoothie
2 C frozen bananas
2 spoonfuls of Cocoa Powder
Handful of Blackberries
1-2 Dates, pitted
Dash of Vanilla Extract
Spoonful of Maca Powder
Scoop of Almond Butter
Dash of Spirulina Powder
Water, added slowly, to get your preferred consistency
Few drops of Stevia

For more smoothie recipes, plus over 100 Vegan recipes I’ve carefully crafted over my 17 years as a Vegan and cook, check out Recipes for Compassion, the cookbook. Only $10 for the pdf, sent straight to your inbox:

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