Powerful TED Talk About Carnism and Veganism

I just watched this beautiful, inspiring video today. And then I sat my husband down and we watched it again. Then we had a lengthy discussion about it, and how grateful we are to both be Veg, (he’s mostly plant-based but not 100% yet).

This TED talk is a MUST SEE!!!!! Whatever your diet, do yourself a favor and watch this incredibly articulate and moving talk. Melanie Joy took two advanced degrees to investigate our food choices, and she’s one of the strongest speakers I’ve seen on the subject.

If you have a dog, cat, eat animals, or don’t eat animals, this talk is for you!

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Thank you for your interest in compassionate eating! ♥ Meghan Oona


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  1. ibdeets says:

    Just wanted to say thank u for posting the Ted talk it was amazing o reposted it to my wall!!! May it keep moving on down the line and make an impact🐶🐥🐢🐏🐐🐴🐁🐈🐏🐃🐧🐼🐍🐒🐊🐋🐠🐙🐜🐛🐲🐝🐬


    1. You’re very welcome! She’s an amazing speaker! 🙂


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