Senator Cory Booker

An active and inspiring leader, Cory Booker is at the forefront of the resistance against the new administration’s illegal and immoral activities. He defends Planned Parenthood and African-American rights and was on the ground fighting for detained Muslims at JFK.

Booker went vegan in 2014, telling the Philly Inquirer:

While some people might think trying to be vegan would make your life more complicated, it’s actually making my life more simple and cleaner.

I don’t have that feeling of active avoidance. Like when you’re rushing and you’re in a hotel. I’d just order a plate of eggs – I found myself trying not to think about the origin story of those eggs.

When you find yourself trying to avoid the truth about something because it’s inconvenient, because you know it doesn’t align with your values and your moral compass . . . I wasn’t living my truth. . .

But also a strong part of me is, like, no judgment. I don’t want to judge other people for their decisions. I’m a vegan who drives an SUV, for crying out loud.

Everybody struggles. We’re all working to live our best selves, and we should do less judging and more encouraging.

Thank you for fighting the good fight Cory Booker! Keep it up! Who knows? Maybe we’ll be celebrating a vegan president come 2020!


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