Creamy Fettuccini Alfredo

Creamy Fettuccini Alfredo I didn’t even mean for this to turn out so good! I was inspired to try a Fettuccini Alfredo after stumbling upon some Organic (!) Mung Bean (!) Ribbon Noodles! Wow! So many great products happening lately! You can also use Semolina ribbon pasta for this dish. Whatever floats your boat. I…

Starter Shopping List

For new Vegans, I suggest this starter Shopping List. Always support the Organic, non-GMO options: Fruits and Veggies: golden potatoes garlic onions corn (frozen) avocados lemon romaine lettuce kale bananas Grains: tortilla chips rice cakes pasta bread long-grain brown rice oatmeal popcorn Proteins: chickpeas (dried or canned) lentils burger patties of your choice tofu (medium…

Provolone and Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich destroys all grilled cheese sandwiches! It’s that good. Warm, crispy, melty… mmmmm mmm mm 🙂 And 100% Vegan of course! Happy cows! Here’s what you’ll want to create this little masterpiece-for-your-mouth: Order my copy now! 100+ more recipes! Recipes for Compassion Vegan eCookbook, $10: Thank you for your interest in compassionate eating! ♥…

Tasty Tempeh Tacos

These are some *gourmet* tacos if I’ve ever made any! Topped with fresh guac, black olives, cilantro and scallions! Woah! So very delicious! Enjoy! ♥ Meghan Elizabeth facebook / instagram / pinterest  

Corn Fritters

I had a hankering for Corn Fritters, which I used to make all the time but haven’t for years! I revised my old recipe and came up with these little goodies. So scrumptious! Corn Fritters 1 bag of frozen Corn 1 Bags of Hash Browns OR 4 Large Potatoes, grated 1 Tub Silken Tofu, crumbled…

How to Marinate

The secret to good tempeh and tofu is marination. These soy yummies can replace your meatballs, sliced sandwich meats, taco meat, etc. etc. etc… Tempeh, since it’s quite dense, does best with 2-3 days of marination. I chop it into small cubes, then add Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or Tamari, Balsamic Vinegar, and some Garlic Powder….

The BEST. Ever. Vegan Mac-n-Cheese

It took years of experimenting to reach this kind of macaroni perfection! The warm and creamy sauce melds with pasta spirals and just melts in your mouth. Warning: Addictive. Get this recipe and over 100 more here, and thanks for your interest in Recipes for Compassion! Yummmmmmm