Why Vegan Matters

In their hearts, everyone’s already vegan, because no one want to support animal abuse! The meat and dairy industries are horrifically cruel.

You eat three times a day. Eating vegan meals is one of the easiest ways to create positive change in the world. Compared to 2007, because of less demand, 400 million-less animals were killed in 2015. Choosing vegan food literally saves innocent lives.

Veganism is the fastest-growing social justice movement today.

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The vegan diet is richly diverse and provides optimal fuel for a healthy body. It’s also a compassionate and life-affirming choice. When people look the other way about animal abuse, it disconnects then from their true values.

Historical vegan communities also happen to enjoy the longest and healthiest lives on the planet; the Ecuadoian Vilcabamba, Pakistani Hunza, Soviet Abkhasia, and Japanese Okinawa.

The meat industry is responsible for 70% of water use, 38% land use and deforestation, and 19% greenhouse gas. Livestock methane is 23 times worse than carbon dioxide as a global warming gas. A massive shift to veganism could save the planet.

Every day almost 16,000 children die from hunger, but if we stopped feeding our grains to cattle, it could more than feed the world’s hungry.

Animal protein is directly linked to cancer, kidney stones, inflammation, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, and heart disease (the #1 killer in America right now). Numerous scientific studies show a plant-based diet can actually reverse these effects.

These days it’s so easy to eat plant-based, even at restaurants and on holidays. It’s a joy to do so, and I hope you’ll check out some more research.

Try it for a week – it can’t hurt! When I did, I could breathe better, had a ton of energy, and never went back!

(More vegan facts  on health, animal rights, and nutrition can be found here…)

Thank you for your interest in compassionate eating!
♥Meghan Oona

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