You are Providing Life Force {cooking meditation}

Cooking can be magical, compassionate, and even spiritual!

When you cook a meal for yourself and your beloveds, you provide the very stuff that keeps us alive – life force! Cooking is an act of caring and love. Working with food gives us the chance to be part of the cycle of life.

The cycle starts with the sun, water, seeds, and farmers. Once plants start to grow, they must be tended and harvested. Truck drivers and grocers get the food to us. Be grateful for everyone who created these beautiful ingredients.

Consciously create a meal by cooking with intentional awareness. Breathe, slow down, and take the time to enjoy the process. Put love into cooking, knowing this energy will infuse into the food, your kitchen, and home.

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Cooking seems mundane – an everyday occurrence that can feel more annoying than sacred. But we can change that. Cooking is a ritual, and serving cruelty-free food creates a better world with each dish. It’s more effective than praying, doing yoga, or reading the Bible. Cooking an animal-free meal actually brings more peace into this world.

As you cook, look! How beautiful the layers of an onion! Look at the variations of peppers! Could that purple cabbage be anymore psychedelic-looking?! The humble potato feels so sturdy and familiar. Take the time to really see and feel the ingredients as you work. These beauties will sustain us and give us energy! Appreciate them.

Food is sacred. We should delight in bringing it to the plate.

Thanks for your interest in compassionate cooking,
♥ Meghan

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